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A few minutes with the Founder and Exective Director of SeekFirst Solutions, Inc., Kenneth D. Steadman


 Listen, read, and meditate on THINK ON THESE DAILY THOUGHT No. 48: SIGN OF THE TIMES. Commentary on 1 Thessalonians 5:1.

be a voice.

Christianity is a participatory religion. GET INVOLVED!

There's a reason Jahaziel ("yakh-az-ee-ale") spoke up in 2 Chronicles 2:14. He obeyed the Spirit of the Lord that spoke through Him. He...STOOD UP! He didn't listen to the sermon, put money in the plate, and think about what he was going to do after church.

Know Christ. Be Christ. Do Christ.

The materials on this site are here to assist you in being all that God has intended for HIS people. That starts with the right mindset (Romans 12:2). The mind of Christ found in God's Word; read, study, meditate on these things.

...and the POWER of His Resurrection.

It is the responsibility of EVERY Believer to contend for the faith (Jude 1:3) wherever they are; in church, at work, with loved ones...WHEREVER. Be a voice from the congregation wherever you go. The material on this site is here to aid you in becoming more than a hearer, but a doer as well (James 1:22).

The Real

A few minutes of the truth for the pragmatist in all of us.  Episode 10: I AIN'T TRYIN' TO WALK THAT WAY.

Welcome to The...REAL.

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THINK ON THESE w Cheryl Lawrence

Cheryl Lawrence  drops by on alternate Wednesdays to give her thoughts on the Scriptures. Let's hear about WAIT. RENEW: Isaiah 40:31.

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The Value of Christ

The Holy Spirit provides the enlightened  truth of The Son to the chosen.The Father  provides the rational  truth of The Son to all.  This is the rational truth.


Some thoughts from those who have read THE VALUE OF CHRIST....

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"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him."   

- John Piper   

If that is true, then how can we be "most satisfied in Him?" To be truly satisfied in God, Man must understand and appreciate the value of Christ. THE VALUE OF CHRIST was written to explain the cost and benefits of believing in Jesus Christ, in order to allow for a greater consideration of salvation. Salvation is equal parts understanding the reason behind the need for Christ, and the appreciation for the gift obtained through His sacrifice. While its appreciation can only be obtained by "whosoever will," the understanding of Christ's value can be obtained by all. That’s why Believer and unBeliever alike should consider the value of Christ.

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